This is new in myThings 2

The new version of myThingsconmes with a lot of new functions a enhancements to make your work with GTD and Mindjet / MindManager easier.

Import from Evernote

Now myThings is further more mobile.
Take notes of your things on the go with the Evernote Mobile App (iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry) and import them to your Inbox-Map.
Import from Evernote

Import from Outlook

send it directly to your Inbox-Map
Got an important email or a task that you want to add to your Inbox-Map? Now you can do this with a click directly in Microsoft Outlook 2010 & 2013.
Import from Outlook


Drag and Drop your things to myInbox
Found an interesting link on the web? Or you found a important text in a pdf-file? Now you can mark it and drop it directly into myInbox with the myInbox DropPoint.

DropPoint is a little circle that can be placed freely on your desktop. Drop your thing on it and it will open the myInbox-dialog with the dropped information.

Map Settings

You decide what happens with your map
You want to open the notes-dialog when you drop a topic on a map in myThings task pane? Or you want to create a link between two maps? No problem.

Now almost every map used with myThings can have it's own settings for how the Map is treated by myThings.

Just right click on the map and select Map settings in the Context menu to open the Settings-dialog for this map.
Map Settings


"move" a topic as a subtopic to your tag
Now it is even easier to move a topic. When your topic has a tag/category then the topic will be placed as a subtopic to this tag/category in the target map.

This makes it easier to distribute the topic e.g. to your Actions-Map.

Create map from topic

Split your map the simple way
It has never been easier to split up a map. Now you can drag one or more topics in to the myThings Maplist and create a new map based on each selected topic.The maps are created in the Maplist you selected and the subtopics are moved into the new map.

A great feature when you eg. want to split the result of a brainstorming session into more maps. Now you can do this by drag and drop.


Don't miss the link
You know the problem. You have linked a topic to another topic in another map. When you move the topic the link is broken on one side.

This is history with myThings now. All links created with myThings will be adjusted to the new map when you move a topic from one map to another.

Done & hide

mark topics as completed and hide them
Nothings is more refreshing than seeing completed activities disappear. You can make this happen by a click on a button. Just select the topic and it will be filtered to hide from your map. You can do this even with linked topics.
Done & hide

Enhanced user interface

making it intutiv
We have enhanced the user interface of myThings to make it more clear intutiv to use.

Now you can customize more items, drag and drop files in the Maplists and the settings are localized to German.
Enhanced user interface


Get help
We have created a one stop helpcenter for myThings where you can get help and support. You can also create support-tickets, find announcements, download files and get in touch with us.